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Wanted: Albert system Bb clarinet
Τσέλιγκα όσο έκανα τη δική μου έρευνα αγοράς έμαθα αρκετές πληροφορίες όπως και το εξής (βέβαια θέλω και τη γνώμη σου για να το διασταυρώσωWink
Εαν το μήκος του οργάνου είναι από 23 inches και μεγαλύτερο (χωρίς το επιστόμιοWink τότε μιλάμε για LP,ενώ μικρότερο από 23 inches είναι συνήθως HP.(Για Bb κλαρίνοWink
tseligas Wrote:Did you find out if this is lp??

No, I didn't Tseligas. It seems I cannot contact the owner as I'm from and when I log in on it doesn't work.
ramadan how are you doing in youre search for a clarinet??
ramadan there were a few clarinets that loked good on e bay this past 2 weeks and there were a few from australia also the only thing is when you buy from ebay you buy blind .might look good but plays bad ,

There is a bunch of clarinets going on ebay right now!! I think I will get one to refurbish!!! When is the paycheck coming in?? SmileSmile
ramadan , look at ebay but there is no guarentee that the one you get will be any good ,try to hook up with a clarinet player in australia so that you can hear what youre buying ,then buy from ebay for a third and fourth clarinet to play around with .
Yes chitown you are righ but on ebay you can find very good old and rare instruments which with a service they would be like new!
As i did with my kohlert clarinet!
Of course you have to be willing to pay for a full service and overhaul!Smile
Guys I am also looking myself for a Bb clarinet. Alert me if anything comes your way!
greg what does a full service overhaul cost ,i know that repads are about $180.00,( full sevice and oil bath , etc ?? go for )
For my clarinet a total overhaul cost about 350 dollars (270 euros)!

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