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Anti squeak
beautiful , what i have noticed 1) loose pad,
2) broken spring
3) weak spring
4)and if you have a diplo clarino make sure that both pads come down together,
best way to test is with a sheet of thin paper or strong tissue if you put 2 pieces of paper
and you can remove one while the other is tight there is an ajustment needed
5) also the do # sometimes leaks do the paper check (see if the spring is good)
Here are my experiences:

1) Scratched moutpiece..Even the smallest scratches.
2) Overtightened reed
3) Unbalanced Reed
4) Dry reed
5) Loose or worn/out pad
6) Dry pad (got that from chitown Smile)
7) Accidentally activating keys either due to being novice and not isolating them fingers, or sometimes the keys come fat and they are easy to hit.

--> I think that after we assemble a list we should post a remedy too!
lets here from some one else ,im sure their are other causes that we have over looked ,anyways sometimes the humidity or lack of humidty causes some of these symtons to appear and dissappear. as you you become more seasoned player , you will identify the problem by proccess of elimination .
like i posted before my friend s season clarinet player ,(was rebuilding a clarinet that was given to him)retired now could not figure out why his was sqeaking on certain notes he was truly baffled , the problem one screw from his thumb rest was missing (no big deal ) 3 screw thumb rest , one screw missing no big deal , ,when he would shift is thumb , the clarinet sqeaked . what he did not know at the time was that the missing screw (the hole went through the wood into the clarinet and it would act like a register key when he moved his thumb ) he pluged the hole up with a screw and no more squeaks ,.
Another good technique that you mentioned in another post to spot leaks is blowing smoke through the clarinet.

(I guess you would plug the bell and as many of the holes as you can.!!
you take the bell off ,disasemble the clarinet , and take each piece seperatly ,put the piece on youre thigh,close the holes and blow ,the one teacher i had used to wear baggy pants he would rool his pants up and put the clarinet to bare skin a better seal .
Great Tip!
now if you notice they sell a rope light , you put it in the clarinet and you look for light leaking out ,how good does it work i dont know ,
Got a link? I actually had some ideas to pimp up a clarinet for a belly dance show.

Somehow I wanted to add a light source in the bore so there would be light coming out as the fingers open up.

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