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Looking for a LA clarinet
hello vlaxopoula , maybe 130.00 is probably right ,the last one i priced out was 2 years ago at 150.00 , different tech have differents rates , i said 200.00 to in it . but 350.00 to dissasemble , pads, springs , take off the posts, reseat the tone holes if they are worn or chipped , and to repair maybe a hair line crack . thats the going rate around .. here
Probably tomorrow... I will be travelling this week for business so I won't be able to do much than chat in the forum. I am back at my base Sunday!

And I will keep track of everything I do!
evaki hi how is the seartch going for a la klarino, are you still looking ,or does b flat work for you now
I did not.... I actually took a small break and now I am armed and dangerous again... I will stick with my Bb for now and get better at it!!!:-)

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