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Looking for a LA clarinet
tseligas DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FILL AND DRILL A TONE HOLE this is left to the experts ,to put candle wax in a hole on the bottom of the hole , just role a piece of wax ,pretend you have a piece of chewed gum roll it and just lay it inside on the bottom part like a quarter moon you might block off 10 percent of the hole ,then test it ,the only good thing about this is that you can remone it , if you drill it the wrong way youre finished. clarino no good , also to fill in cracks grind up an old clarinet glue (crazy glue . or they have a special glue for clarinets , maybe we should get a wood lathe lol
Chitown :-))

I promise you!! We will have fun with thisWink!!! It has already shipped. Monday I will post a review of it with pictures and I will lay out a plan of attack!

FYI, I can prototype all keys and make my own custom shapes, cast brass, drill any kiind of hole you want, Coat the brass with exotic coatings that Buffet wish they existed!

I can also make cast brass barrels with your name on it! But more about that in a month or so! :-))
tseligas, ive been searching for a register key for a la clarino , i have got this La with the register key in the back , ive promised it to a gitona and toghether were searching for a pice of junk so that we could salvage the register key ,
Buy one of the lamps in Ebay!!
Tseliga it sounds you can do magic!!! I was thinking to customize my instrument somehow... Like a custom barrel or something. Anyway I am interested. Keep me posted !
what im looking for is broken junk where i can take the key off . because by changing the register key wont bring in enough to justify the cost
Buy and resell the lamp - the resister key!
you have an idea , buy the lamp take the key off seal the holes and resell it . i will look into that
tseligas when you work on the clarinet project ,keep track of the hours and materials that you put in to it ,just for comparison purposes , here in chicago to rebuild a clarinet pads and springs ,about $200 .00, a full strip down ,oil bath etc , $350.00
Tseligas did it arrive yet?

Chitown sounds a lot to repad and change springs.
Pads would cost like $15, springs...I guess another $15.

I would think it takes like 1 hour to disassemble,
30 minutes to clean and wipe.
Insert in the oil for couple of days.
Let it dry for couple more days,
~2 hours to assemble everything
+1 hour to modify things.

So we have ~30+10 for the oil for materials and 4:30 hours labor.
At $20/hr we have a total cost of $130.

Feel free to correct my math or my assumptions here!

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