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Looking for a LA clarinet
If anybody spots a LA clarinet please let me know!!!

evaki the la klarino will not make you learn faster , if you want one just to have for the future thats okay , pratice on a do if youre fingers are slender , but the b flat is the way to go , also if you master a bflat then to move on to a la and see if you like it ,
I think based on her previous post she is looking for a C clarinet not a LA.

Ok now...who has the guts to buy this and refurbish it????? Idea!
it looks pretty rough.
I am so tempted....Well worst case it can make a nice lamp... :-)
nice lamp ,parts maybe , better to wait for another one , that one was worth maybe 50.00
Too it... :-) that's gonna make a fine project. I agree with aint worth nearly as much but I was looking for a C low pitch.
did you know that some clarinet players if a note is to sharp when you play they put a little bit of candle wax and make the hole a little smaller that flattens out the note ,
No I haven't. As a temporary solution? I would probably use an epoxy fill it and then drill and sand it.
Tell me any more ideas you have. That's the reason actually I got that shipwreck. I want to try out couple of tricks!
How and where do they apply it?
Can't wait to see how this project will come out!!! Good luck!

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