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Albanian music
tseligas Wrote:[video][/video]

Whos is she Ramadan? Do you guys use a lot of clarinet in modern music?
Also I have been searching for years for an albanian song ..very slow beat...and all I can remember was that she was saying: biri biri... (which means my son?)

yes biri means my song. Maya is a very popular singer and yes the clarinet is used in modern music also. We really love the clarinet.

I'll try to find that song for you!

love this so much!!!

I listened Albanian music at a wedding the first time,the bride was albanian!I liked it a lot!
Great thread! I also am a big fun of both Albanian and Balkan music in general. That was beautiful Smile
We had a member here (Ramadan) that posted nice videos...hasn't been active lately though!

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