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Anti squeak
ramadan did you break in the new reed , clarinet yet ??
hello forum as of last week my clarinet started to squeak everytime i would got the 2 register it would stop playing just squeaking , i looked it over and over wetted the pads still no good ,squeak s , so took it in to technician everything looked good under the light , this guy ha s a tool looks like a feeler guage he tested all the pads that are operated by springs (the ones that stay closed) , the pad that was giving me trouble was the second LA key. the pad wasnt sealing due to the key was not closing properly the pin that goes from post to post was not operating freely ,took the pin out oiled it put in back in , bingo the clarinet works again , so the lesson learned even if it looks good with the naked eye have a tech check it out because what looks good to us might not be good at all ,
agreed! Thanks for sharing the experience Chitown! We have all been through the squeaking nightmare!

I have had lately a similar issue with squeaking.

The problem (after 30 minutes of trying what you said above) was that the 2nd G# key ( the one after the open G) ...the screw was unscrewing and it came a decent way out that it was affecting the return of the key. ...I was really hard to spot...
Now I have to tighten it every 5 hours of play as it comes out on its own...Is it over oiled? Or probably undertightened now that I think about it...!
tseligas ,check the threads maybe the rod is binding ever so lightly and from pushing (or playing it unscrews it self much like a pipe wrench works on a pipe
So you are thinking that the threads are a bit bent? I guess that's a good idea... I never opened it... I think i also used some WD-40 cause it was a bit sticky...maybe now it is too loose!...WD-40 shouldnt be in the threads anyways!
tyseligas ,wd 40 to loosen up old keys , but i think you would use key oil for the final application >>

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